You Tube The Secret Source of Unlimited Traffic

The Online Success Show Recap! You Tube the secret source to unlimited traffic! We shared some You Tube secrets everyone MUST know.

Did you know that You Tube is a Search Engine? Seriously? Yup, it is. A very powerful one that is HUGELY underutilized. Take a keyword you discovered on Google and check it one You Tube. The secret is in the quotes! The competition difference in exact phrase searches between You Tube and Google is significant. This You Tube secret is a gold mine if used correctly.

When using You Tube, the secret is to use your keyword in the title, description and the tags. I know what you are thinking, “but what do I say?”. Okay I lied earlier, the keyword placement isn’t the secret, with You Tube the secret is the video content is secondary for the ranking process. Now of course having relevant content keeps things contiguous, but honestly simply wing it and you will be fine. Just ensure you are using your keywords properly and you will be ranked quickly and forever. To bring this all together what we will do is give you a quick run down of how to build a You Tube video.

Building SEO video for You Tube – The secret formula (of course after you have a topic and keywords then ready to make the video)

  1. Hey Everyone my name is___________
  2. General terms what your video is about. Frame it around keyword topic
  3. HAVE FUN WITH IT (perfect is bad, fun is human)
  4. Call to action. Instructions to click link below (in description)

That’s it! Now upload your video to You Tube, add the tags, title and description and you are done! Your video will now start being viewed and ranked on You Tube and Google! This will lead to traffic forever. Oh did I mention all of that was FREE! ZERO cost advertising of your domain/link and business.

Well that’s it in a nut shell folks…..You Tube The Secret to unlimited traffic!

GO MAKE A VIDEO! What are you waiting for!

To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

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