What Is Work Life Balance? Ideas On Work From Home Balance

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Work life balance ideas for the home business entrepreneur are not as easy to understand as one might think! I think the common consensus is that if you work from home you have all the time in the World to do whatever you want. Not so, at least not for anyone actually making a living working from their home.

What is work life balance to you? I am sure that answer is different for every person you ask. I am asked two very different questions from two very different groups when asked about my work life balance. Those who already work from home and those that work at jobs. Those with jobs usually ask with disdain in their voice, “What exactly do you do all day now that you don’t have a job?” I never know how to respond because when I worked in retail (at a job) nobody asked me that question! Go figure.

For those that work at home  already, my work life balance ideas are simple, but NOT easy. Create structure. When you have a job someone is responsible to create structure for you. When you are the boss, only YOU are responsible for your structure. I found the most useful way to create structure was not task oriented, but more topical. Let me explain.

Your work life balance ideas need  to be set up in a way that you use time slots, rather than to do lists (although to do lists are super important too). When you slot time you decide which tasks will go in what time slots after the slots are created. Then while working in the time slot you are not driven by quantity but quality. As your skill sets increase you will achieve more quantity.

That answers the question, what is work life balance for me as a work from home entrepreneur.

The task list is the other component in putting together the best work life balance ideas and developing a game plan for your approach to a productive day. First the time slots are created, which are easily interchanged if necessary; then insert the tasks needing to get done and lastly cross reference the “to do” list. Things on my to do list are usually errands and/or family stuff that requires my attention outside of the home. That is how you can balance all the components of life and work. Get to the kids events and squeeze in all those Income Producing Activities!

Key Takeaway:  To achieve work life balance you need a plan. Having no plan is a plan to fail. Get the most out of life working from home with a solid plan. Click Here To Tweet!

So I ask again, “What is work life balance to you?” It’s your question to answer and only you can truly put together a plan that works for you. [pinterest]

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