Top 3 Tips To Make Video YouTube Viewers Be Drawn To You!

youtube2When you design videos with specific intent you make video YouTube viewers are drawn to, which leads to being ranked at or near the top of YouTube. You are positioning yourself for a landslide of free traffic. It will arrive on your doorstep without any further attention required.

Video Marketing isn’t really anything new; however, it has its challenges. The secret, I guess, is knowing a few good tips to make video YouTube viewers will respond to. This will also aid in your ranking on the first page of Google. I know there are technical issues and a learning curve involved, but trust me this is much more simple than it is made out to be. What you are wearing, how you sound and all that “stuff” is meaningless when it is time to make videos YouTube viewers will react too.

I want my top 3 tips on how to make videos online free that result in high views and most important high click throughs, thus capitalizing on all the free traffic that already exists. To make video YouTube viewers run to goes as follows:

1. Use KILLER Keywords

  • Properly used keywords that are “Golden Nuggets” help you get ranked high FAST, it gets organic traffic finding you within hours of posting your video
  • I highly recommend you use a keyword tool that keeps it simple. There are a lot of options for this, personally I use Jaaxy which makes things simple and quick

2.  Understand Your Primary Objective

  • Know that your only goal is to have the viewer click the link in the description below the video. Basically drive behavior; this eliminates the worry of what you look like or how you sound. Just get them to click the link

3. Be Compelling

  • Ensure the ton of your voice is compelling and has a sense of urgency or life to it. Remember your objective, elicit a response and have them click the link. If you have concerns outsource the video making process

Now those are my top 3 tips to make video YouTube viewers will react and respond to, there are more ways to enhance your chances, but these 3 will get you well on your way to high rankings in YouTube and first page status on Google. To make videos online free is very simple but requires some effort and a little work. I believe everyone should make videos YouTube audiences can enjoy and be educated through. Remember the video itself isn’t the information; the video is the portal to the information. Your objective is to have the watcher click the link in the description below the video which takes them to the information.

Many of you will be thinking, “I just can’t make videos”. I hear that all the time. The amazing power and endless amounts of free traffic aren’t enough? I get it, I get….to make video YouTube viewers will watch is scary. I strongly urge you to overcome that fear.

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