The Art of War Summary For Emerging Leaders

What an incredible book! The Art of War summary of chapters I’m working on is very exciting stuff. It’s been translated so many times, why not once more?
The chapter that has me so excited and inspired me to write this review, is the Chapter on Strategic Offense. This is such an integral component to any success story. One paragraph in particular caught my attention. I’ll quote it sentence by sentence; then how it applies to network marketing, business and life.

As translated by James Trapp copyright 2011

“There are five keys to victory”

The Art of War Summary #1 of the five keys is:
“Knowing when to fight and when not to, brings victory”

This is true too of networking, business and life, knowing when to walk away from a situation and not chase is crucial. Also having the vision to know when someone is worth investing an above average amount of time, energy and possibly money to help them find their way is equally important. Another critical point to be made here is regarding the nay sayers, doubters or spirit squashers; sometimes referred to as “haters”. We all know these people. Ones who would rather tear you down than believe you can succeed. Knowing “when to fight” usually means not engaging this particular enemy.

The Art of War Summary #2 of the five keys is:
“Knowing what to do both when superior in numbers and when outnumbered, brings victory”

This key to victory blends nicely with the previous key. The time to stand up and engage your nay sayers is when you out number them, so NOT a family gathering! The other time you would stand up and fight is when you are more knowledgeable and the person you are engaging has an open mind. If the person you are battling doesn’t have the open mind you are technically out numbered. The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

The Art of War Summary #3 of the five keys is:
“Holding officers and men united in purpose, brings victory”

As a network marketer, entrepreneur or simply someone with a dream and a vision, you by the very nature of striving for more are in a constant quest to hold court with like minded individuals. Together you inspire each other, help each other, coach, teach and train each other; holding each other accountable. Let’s work together in purpose is the raw definition of teamwork, which is a required piece of MLM, business and life. An important statement to remember is this, Your Network Determines Your Net Worth. It goes without saying that holding “officers” in purpose brings victory. Your network of like minded individuals sharing the same mindset in business and in life bring victory.

The Art of War Summary #4 of the five keys is:
“Careful preparation to catch the enemy unprepared, brings victory”

We can agree our most dangerous enemies are easily those who look to tear us down, most of whom come from our warmest market. Those closest to us can stop us in our tracks at times with their negative attitudes. Having said that, careful preparation with a positive attitude will derail their efforts and limit their opportunity to corner us and tear us down. This requires a great deal of careful planning to allow an exit strategy when you feel cornered. We can also look at people who are unprepared for growth at the time we present it; as people with potential interest in the future. Being prepared to be in position to help them when they are ready by moving forward in your own growth; brings victory.

The Art of War Summary #5 of the five keys is:
“A skillful general given free rein by the ruler, brings victory”

A truly successful leader has the vision to appoint generals they have absolute faith in; to go forth and build the business with skill, prowess and replicated leadership. This statement is true because a successful leader builds people up to empower them with confidence to achieve greatness by setting them up for success. Why would a “ruler” interfere with their generals if they are built on their own structure of success? They wouldn’t. Strong leaders duplicate themselves multiple times to ensure continued growth and strength.

“These five together are the true path to success.”

The entire book is littered with powerful literature that can be applied to business and many areas of life.  If you study it and learn to apply the mindset of a warrior, you too can position yourself to become an unstoppable force. A leader that people strive to become and a leader others want to emulate.

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