Stock Up On Keyword Discovery Tools to Maximize Results

Never too many keyword discovery tools in our arsenal.

One of the great questions tossed in to the ring today on our Online Success Show, Coffee with Jamie and Paul, was about how to launch a new PPC Campaign from a Keyword Database. Now I’ll be the first to admit, that when I started this, my keyword discovery tool kit was pretty empty. As I spent time learning and getting frustrated, then learning more from mistakes; I went forward with Advertising Kit full of keyword discovery tools.

My keyword database grew as I honed my skills and learned which keyword discovery tool to use when and where, also more importantly which keyword discovery tools I should throw away. There are so many variables to consider when planning an ad strategy. Who are we marketing to? What niche? What part of the World? What city? What are the possible demographics in that area?

Lots to consider I know. One quality keyword discovery tool I use is what will someone who has NEVER seen The 90 Day Income Challenge be attracted to in an advertisement? Think about it…most of you reading this are already taking the Income Challenge. Your mindset is clearly in the range of knowing what the Income Challenge is, right? Therefore you may be writing ads that are attractive to those ALREADY taking the Income Challenge. One of the critical keyword discovery tools would be to modify your advertising mind to see your ads with virgin eyes. If you didn’t know anything about this amazing system or how awesome the 90 Day Income Challenge was, would YOU click your ad?

Another modification to the above keyword discovery tool would be to bounce your ads off friends or family who don’t know about the Challenge. Heck bounce them off strangers in line at the grocery store, “hey can I ask you something about an ad I saw?”, if they respond in any possible positive way you show them the ad and ask, “Do you think I should check this out?”. Now naturally, I hope you figured out it doesn’t matter what it is written on (napkin, who cares) and that is should be a COMPLETE ad with YOUR domain included?!? Just in case you need to give them your copy! That is an example of how you can hone your keyword discovery tools and fill your keyword database with quality keywords that will lead to quality ads.

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Jamie Cinq-Mars


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