SEO Beginners Guide For YouTube Videos

Don’t miss The Online Success Show almost daily! Register HERE.       SEO Beginners Guide is comprised of four fairly simple concepts that are so easily overlooked when building YouTube videos. I will go through these four tips in detail here and send you to an example of a video I have done that utilizes all the tips.

Before we dive in to using the SEO Beginners Guide for YouTube videos I’ll go over basic structure of how to build your videos. Start with getting your videos down under five minutes. Three minutes is ideal. Remember it doesn’t matter if you are a little fast because the viewer can pause, rewind, watch again etc. Next ensure your keyword is in your title, description and tags of your videos.

Here are the four key tips in the SEO Beginners Guide

  1. Start with the title. Your keyword MUST (wherever possible) be the start of your title. This is not always easy to accomplish when trying make everything read properly. But get creative and use the keyword right out of the gate
  2. Your description MUST contain your keywords (that I am sure you know), HOWEVER, you must use that keyword directly following your link before you start your description. Hyperlink, then single opening sentence using keyword first.
  3. Write your description as you would a blog post, but a condensed version. 2-3 paragraphs with 2-3 sentences in each all using the keyword phrase, preferably in the opening sentence. SOOOOOO many YouTube video creators are missing this critical step. They slap up a video with a link and think that is enough. The spiders will not rank that video. However, a video with a carefully crafted description will get ranked high.
  4. Last is the tagging section. So many wasted tags out there. Why? Because too many videos are uploaded without a description, therefore nothing to tag! This tip is simple…your tags MUST reflect in the written word in your description. Clearly the first tag is your keyword. Then any possible sub keywords or at the very least the tags must be content from the description. No more than 3 tags.

So those are the 4 major tips for the SEO Beginners Guide to YouTube Videos. I know these techniques work and will help you get better ranked. I have provided an example video. Please CLICK HERE to view the video for review of the four tips. Take note of the title and description. You should be able to figure out the keyword. The tags are “cpa challenge”, “paul birdsall” and “jamie cinq-mars” and you should be able to see why also.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

P.S. Don’t miss The Online Success Show almost daily! Register HERE.
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