What Is Work Life Balance? Ideas On Work From Home Balance

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Work life balance ideas for the home business entrepreneur are not as easy to understand as one might think! I think the common consensus is that if you work from home you have all the time in the World to do whatever you want. Not so, at least not for anyone actually making a living working from their home.

What is work life balance to you? I am sure that answer is different for every person you ask. I am asked two very different questions from two very different groups when asked about my work life balance. Those who already work from home and those that work at jobs. Those with jobs usually ask with disdain in their voice, “What exactly do you do all day now that you don’t have a job?” I never know how to respond because when I worked in retail (at a job) nobody asked me that question! Go figure.

For those that work at home  already, my work life balance ideas are simple, but NOT easy. Create structure. When you have a job someone is responsible to create structure for you. When you are the boss, only YOU are responsible for your structure. I found the most useful way to create structure was not task oriented, but more topical. Let me explain.

Your work life balance ideas need  to be set up in a way that you use time slots, rather than to do lists (although to do lists are super important too). When you slot time you decide which tasks will go in what time slots after the slots are created. Then while working in the time slot you are not driven by quantity but quality. As your skill sets increase you will achieve more quantity.

That answers the question, what is work life balance for me as a work from home entrepreneur.

The task list is the other component in putting together the best work life balance ideas and developing a game plan for your approach to a productive day. First the time slots are created, which are easily interchanged if necessary; then insert the tasks needing to get done and lastly cross reference the “to do” list. Things on my to do list are usually errands and/or family stuff that requires my attention outside of the home. That is how you can balance all the components of life and work. Get to the kids events and squeeze in all those Income Producing Activities!

Key Takeaway:  To achieve work life balance you need a plan. Having no plan is a plan to fail. Get the most out of life working from home with a solid plan. Click Here To Tweet!

So I ask again, “What is work life balance to you?” It’s your question to answer and only you can truly put together a plan that works for you. [pinterest]

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Jim Rohn Leadership Starts With Personal Growth

One of the greatest orators of our time was Jim Rohn. One of the things I noticed while listening to Jim Rohn leadership audios is how personal growth is an integral component in everyone’s journey to success; not just in business, but in life. In business it is more than integral, it is mission critical. Without personal growth you can never truly become the person you need to be for you to arrive at success. That’s not to say you can make money, heck no, you can make all kinds of money without growing as a person. But if you want true wealth or “walk away income”, you will need to learn to build others in their journeys and for that you must grow.

The Jim Rohn leadership philosophies are rooted in the concept, “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job”. That’s a huge statement. When was the last time you read a book that taught you about yourself? When was the last time you took a course? If you can’t remember or the answer is never then YOU MESSED UP! That’s right I said it, you messed up. The negative people of the World (whom I suggest you avoid) will tell you that this idea of self growth or improvement is just “drinking the Kool-Aid”. I for one am here to tell you DRINK THE KOOL-AID all day long if it is going to make you happier, more successful and more willing to do more with your life. Watch this short video to understand more of what I mean.

My favorite Kool-Aid flavor is whatever flavor is being served from the jug marked Jim Rohn leadership on the side of the jug. Or any flavor being served up by any number of incredible authors/mentors who are teaching me to think more clearly and more positively about my life and business.

The magic word is “until”! What the heck am I talking about now? Well…..I will read more book UNTIL my skill set changes, I will keep finding ways to make it work UNTIL success happens. The power of one little word can change the course of your life forever. I will do __________ UNTIL _______ happens. Fill in the blanks. Whatever you want to accomplish can be done and will be done if you keep at it UNTIL it happens. This may require learning a new skill, reading a few books or finding a mentor to keep you on the right track. I have learned so much basic information from any of the Jim Rohn leadership audios/videos I have invested my time in to. It’s not just about business or money….it’s about you.
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Jamie Cinq-Mars

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Better To Earn, While You Learn New Skills

Don’t you always find it more efficient to earn while you learn? I know I do. Easily one of the most over looked aspects of being an Entrepreneur, especially an online business owner. There are so many different ways to make money and so many people out there vying for your attention. First and foremost when choosing a method to learn while you earn, be sure the person or system you are following is one that is backed by someone or a group that actually have a proven skill set and success in the arena you are looking to excel at. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that had low level skills, but lots of flashy advertising would you? Didn’t think so.

Your ability to earn while you learn will also be dependent on your willingness to accept your flaws and lack of skills. The “I know that” attitude will not serve you well, in fact, I can almost guarantee your failure if you approach learning that way. To earn while learning new skills requires a humble approach to information being delivered to you. A patience and drive to apply knowledge as you receive it not a “wait until I got it all figured out” approach.

Lastly be sure to like, no wait, love the journey and choose a system that fits your style to maximize the earn while you learn potential. I have see a lot of different stuff out there on the Internet and WOW some of it is really terrible. Money grabs without substance. The system needs to have more than just “go do this” command centers if you really want to earn while learning new skills. I suggest a more blended approach that incorporates not only the actions required but the theory behind (or the why) the actions required. This gives meaning and purpose to your learning. Also an immediate call to action after a lesson is critical.
Skills (new or old) + action = success.

One the most comprehensive systems that I have found to compliment the Earn While You Learn philosophy has been one that has extensive training. Sometimes extensive training can overwhelm newbies to the Internet Marketing World, but very detailed training is good. There should be step by step videos coupled with detailed written word with call to action to help you earn while learning new skills. The Lessons should be laid out clearly and with a strong members base the system will be a home run.

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Leveraging Your Time To Help The Masses

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Time leverage, we all want it. How else can we be in two places at once? Also, leveraging your time to help others really creates time freedom, not only for yourself, but for those you, in turn, duplicate the process with. There are so many ways to leverage your time, whether it is conference calls, webinars, focus groups, chat rooms, forums, etc. All work to serve the same purpose; helping you in leveraging your time to help more and more people.

Think about it logically…you can take one hour per person to instruct individual people or deliver the exact same information in the same one hour to multiple people at once. Which one is the most efficient use of your time? Easy answer. Leveraging your time to help multiple people at once save you time and energy. This provides more time to build more value in to the services or products you are currently offering. Without time leverage you would never be able to be creative or find better ways to do things, and naturally pass along to the team in a leveraged way.

One of the top ways, in my opinion, for leveraging your time to help as many people as possible is with the use of Facebook Groups. Whether its a group your started or one that is already in place. Both work the same way. They are easy to create and easy to administer. No special skills required. The group handles the day to day questions and manages itself over time. This allows for those with more advanced skills to collectively help the new comers and ultimately give everyone more time to build their respective businesses.

I encourage everyone to join a group or create a group on Facebook today. Leveraging your time to help more people is what will take you to the top. Encourage others to join the group you are in and ensure that process is duplicated throughout your teams. This will leverage your time to work with more of the individuals that have higher goals and bigger plans for their businesses. And for those with smaller goals, they too get all the attention they need in the group. Win – Win for everyone.

To Your Unlimited Success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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How To Find A Mentor In Business

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I have heard the question many times and in many ways. But it boils down to this, “How to find a mentor?”. In business it can be a critical component to success. A mentor could very well be the difference between quitting and pushing through adversity. The dictionary definition is as follows: “a wise and trusted teacher and an influential senior sponsor or supporter”. The importance of a mentor cannot be overstated. Even multimillionaires have mentors, because they too need to continue to grow and learn about their craft and in turn become mentors themselves.

Keeping with the theme, how to find a mentor in business, I think it is important to define your personal goals. We all face the nay sayers and spirit squashers; too often we give these people a lot of power over our ability to succeed. I’ll never understand how someone can take advice from someone who isn’t making the money they want or isn’t in the field they want to be a part of. For example, if you want to make a six figure income online, you MUST find a six figure mentor, that is to say someone who makes six figures online!

A six figure mentor at least has the ability to teach you how to literally make 6 figures online and teach you what it takes mentally to traverse the mine field of adversity you will face. I guess studying how to find a mentor in business is just step one. That step being how you define what you want from your online business and then finding a mentor. Let’s understand something about mentors too, they are not, by design, someone who is at your beckon call. They are part of your journey, but you are in charge. Think of your mentor as railway tracks and you are the train. The train travels miles and miles without ever questioning the tracks below its wheels, until forks appear and choosing which line of track to run on for the next long run appear. Your mentor has laid the track for your train to run on, they have seen the pitfalls and created diversions or has seen more than one way to arrive at the same destination and provides multiple options. Our job is to run the track as long as we can until we find ourselves in the train yards of options and receive guidance on how to proceed.

In summary, how to find a mentor in business is really very simple. determine where you want to go, how much you are expecting to earn (clear goals) and match your mentor to your current goals. Your mentor SHOULD change as your destinations change. Start with a mentor to get you your first $100 and then $1000 and once you are ready for a 6 figure income, go find a six figure mentor!

To Your Unlimited Success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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