Pizza Money vs. Residual Money

Pizza money vs. Residual Income. Now what the heck am I talking about! In the video below (a recorded version of The Online Success Show) I was giving some insider info on the Academy when I mentioned the phrase Pizza money and Residual money! It made me laugh but then I thought, that’s actually brilliant!
The fact is the Academy of Online Success will change the Internet. Sounds bold, but it people look at it from the right perspective they will have the chance to change the shape of their financial future.

Think about this…most of us would LOVE to make $500 -$1000 extra a month above our current income. Why? Because it would make disposable income a reality! Now, what most people do is go get a part time job, let’s say delivering pizza, which will provide that income and at about 15 hours a week. BUT, when you don’t work you don’t get paid. Although it is instant cash it is limited.

The Academy of Online Success offers a residual income potential. It is important to understand that the concept of instant cash is usually not available with most long term success plans. But if you worked the same 15 hours a week at your online income and did without the pay for a few months your $500 – $1000 will come and then continue to come whether you work or not.

Here is the kicker! With the Academy of Online Success you get the best of ALL Worlds! 100% Commissions on both your referrals and the ‘Team Leverage’ referrals puts you in the money much quicker and continues to build stronger more resilient residual income.


To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

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Academy Of Online Success – Facebook Secrets

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Academy of Online Success is no joke! It May be April 1, 2013 but this is as serious as a heart attack!

With just 2 DAYS LEFT before the launch things are heating up for the Academy of Online Success, way up! 10,000+ people have created free accounts and got in line to rush the doors when the flood gates open April 4, 2013. Follow this link if you haven’t locked in your position……….

The anticipation is mounting for what will be the core values and principles the Academy of Online Success bring to the table! I’ll tell you this……it is the first TRUE combo opportunity on the Internet today. FULL and complete training, along with coaches and mentors; learn things you have NEVER before seen on the Internet (stuff the experts keep to themselves to have the advantage over you), all this combined with a 100% commission based affiliate program! Then add, Team Leverage, this pays you 100% commissions on qualified team referrals too! NOW THAT’S LEVERAGE!

The video above contains a very tiny snap shot of how you can use Facebook. With the Academy of Online Success you will have full class training and action plans to execute the new knowledge you obtain, but for now I want to give you a head start. Get out there and draw people in to be ready for the doors to open!!

Don’t wait a minute longer and get your free account now before we open the doors! This is huge and will be the biggest opportunity the Internet has seen in a long, long time, maybe ever.

ACT NOW ………..

To Your Unlimited Success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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Academy of Online Success – Earn While You Learn

Today we talked about the idea of choosing how and where you are going to learn the new skills one needs to achieve success online. Although there many options, I found the Academy of Online Success to be the most inclusive training opportunity out there today.

Without question your ability to find ALL the answers to the burning questions can be found at the Academy of Online Success. The concept of learning new skills is paramount to any success plan, especially online. Too many places share theory and “what you should do”, but lack significantly in the how department.

At the Academy of Online Success you will find more information about how combined with what. Enough information that you can customize your learning through the various methods. Not unlike a traditional school there many subjects being taught, however, we only use the courses in life that we enjoy and can translate in to our successes.

Let the Academy be your guide. It will change the way you do business online forever. Join the  Academy today ====>

To your unlimited success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars


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Knowledge Is Power…Or Is It?

Knowledge is power is a myth! Get all the degrees you want and take all the course your little heart desires, BUT your success is dependent on thing and one thing alone. ACTION.

With out action the theory that knowledge is power creates wealth is ridiculous. Learning something will NEVER make you money, NEVER give you wealth and certainly won’t provide for your family.

HOWEVER, the simple concept of APPLIED knowledge is in fact very powerful. Take massive action and do it often. It really is that simple. What education does is provides you some focus as to where to direct your action efforts.

So be careful choosing how you educate yourself my friends. There are a lot of options and some are solely designed to grow the educator and NOT the student. Find a place where you as the student are given the options available to make EDUCATED decisions and be sure to recognize that only when you are given the opportunity to earn while you learn by making your own decisions are you being educated by someone or a team that is focused on your leadership and growth potential.

To your unlimited success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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SEO Beginners Guide For YouTube Videos

Don’t miss The Online Success Show almost daily! Register HERE.       SEO Beginners Guide is comprised of four fairly simple concepts that are so easily overlooked when building YouTube videos. I will go through these four tips in detail here and send you to an example of a video I have done that utilizes all the tips.

Before we dive in to using the SEO Beginners Guide for YouTube videos I’ll go over basic structure of how to build your videos. Start with getting your videos down under five minutes. Three minutes is ideal. Remember it doesn’t matter if you are a little fast because the viewer can pause, rewind, watch again etc. Next ensure your keyword is in your title, description and tags of your videos.

Here are the four key tips in the SEO Beginners Guide

  1. Start with the title. Your keyword MUST (wherever possible) be the start of your title. This is not always easy to accomplish when trying make everything read properly. But get creative and use the keyword right out of the gate
  2. Your description MUST contain your keywords (that I am sure you know), HOWEVER, you must use that keyword directly following your link before you start your description. Hyperlink, then single opening sentence using keyword first.
  3. Write your description as you would a blog post, but a condensed version. 2-3 paragraphs with 2-3 sentences in each all using the keyword phrase, preferably in the opening sentence. SOOOOOO many YouTube video creators are missing this critical step. They slap up a video with a link and think that is enough. The spiders will not rank that video. However, a video with a carefully crafted description will get ranked high.
  4. Last is the tagging section. So many wasted tags out there. Why? Because too many videos are uploaded without a description, therefore nothing to tag! This tip is simple…your tags MUST reflect in the written word in your description. Clearly the first tag is your keyword. Then any possible sub keywords or at the very least the tags must be content from the description. No more than 3 tags.

So those are the 4 major tips for the SEO Beginners Guide to YouTube Videos. I know these techniques work and will help you get better ranked. I have provided an example video. Please CLICK HERE to view the video for review of the four tips. Take note of the title and description. You should be able to figure out the keyword. The tags are “cpa challenge”, “paul birdsall” and “jamie cinq-mars” and you should be able to see why also.

To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

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