Natural Evolution of Marketing Methods

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Good news! The natural evolution of marking methods applies to everyone! Yes even the super successful had to evolve their marketing skill set and had to start somewhere. Do you honestly think we woke up one day and said, “I’m going to start an Online Business, time to start marketing!”

Clearly this cannot be how you think it happened? If so, I’m sorry for your short sighted view of how new skills are acquired. During the evolution of marketing methods many ideas are tried and many mistakes are made, MANY. Trial and error is how it was done. The bonus for you is that you can shorten the learning curve by taking guidance and training from others who have spent load of time and money to hone their skills.

I think the biggest take away from the discussion on the evolution of marketing methods is that with so many different options for marketing that learning to master one skill is critical. That is not to say you don’t continue to learn and test additional methods along the way, but learning to master a skill can make the difference between some success and massive success. I can’t tell you what that one skill should be. You can ask 10 successful Internet entrepreneurs and you will get 10 different answers. Which is the awesome part of the working online from home. You can develop any skill you want that produces traffic and income to your sites. Essentially tailoring your business strategies towards your learning style and preferences.

The mastery of one skill, along with the development of a few other “support skills” is how the evolution of marketing methods comes about. You start off not knowing anything about marketing and evolve through trying different methods and when you find one you really enjoy then you really work hard to prefect that skill, maybe even begin teaching it to others. This takes time my friends, simply waking up one day and being a good at this is not realistic. It’s down right foolish to think that any successful person in this industry “woke up” and marketed without error. The only reason successful entrepreneurs can tell you the story about the fastest they ever made a $1,000,000, is because prior to that they made so many mistakes while perfecting the skills to earn the million!

Go make some mistakes today and let’s learn how to make that million!

To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

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