Leveraging Your Time To Help The Masses

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Time leverage, we all want it. How else can we be in two places at once? Also, leveraging your time to help others really creates time freedom, not only for yourself, but for those you, in turn, duplicate the process with. There are so many ways to leverage your time, whether it is conference calls, webinars, focus groups, chat rooms, forums, etc. All work to serve the same purpose; helping you in leveraging your time to help more and more people.

Think about it logically…you can take one hour per person to instruct individual people or deliver the exact same information in the same one hour to multiple people at once. Which one is the most efficient use of your time? Easy answer. Leveraging your time to help multiple people at once save you time and energy. This provides more time to build more value in to the services or products you are currently offering. Without time leverage you would never be able to be creative or find better ways to do things, and naturally pass along to the team in a leveraged way.

One of the top ways, in my opinion, for leveraging your time to help as many people as possible is with the use of Facebook Groups. Whether its a group your started or one that is already in place. Both work the same way. They are easy to create and easy to administer. No special skills required. The group handles the day to day questions and manages itself over time. This allows for those with more advanced skills to collectively help the new comers and ultimately give everyone more time to build their respective businesses.

I encourage everyone to join a group or create a group on Facebook today. Leveraging your time to help more people is what will take you to the top. Encourage others to join the group you are in and ensure that process is duplicated throughout your teams. This will leverage your time to work with more of the individuals that have higher goals and bigger plans for their businesses. And for those with smaller goals, they too get all the attention they need in the group. Win – Win for everyone.

To Your Unlimited Success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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