Knowledge Is Power…Or Is It?

Knowledge is power is a myth! Get all the degrees you want and take all the course your little heart desires, BUT your success is dependent on thing and one thing alone. ACTION.

With out action the theory that knowledge is power creates wealth is ridiculous. Learning something will NEVER make you money, NEVER give you wealth and certainly won’t provide for your family.

HOWEVER, the simple concept of APPLIED knowledge is in fact very powerful. Take massive action and do it often. It really is that simple. What education does is provides you some focus as to where to direct your action efforts.

So be careful choosing how you educate yourself my friends. There are a lot of options and some are solely designed to grow the educator and NOT the student. Find a place where you as the student are given the options available to make EDUCATED decisions and be sure to recognize that only when you are given the opportunity to earn while you learn by making your own decisions are you being educated by someone or a team that is focused on your leadership and growth potential.

To your unlimited success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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