How To Find A Mentor In Business

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I have heard the question many times and in many ways. But it boils down to this, “How to find a mentor?”. In business it can be a critical component to success. A mentor could very well be the difference between quitting and pushing through adversity. The dictionary definition is as follows: “a wise and trusted teacher and an influential senior sponsor or supporter”. The importance of a mentor cannot be overstated. Even multimillionaires have mentors, because they too need to continue to grow and learn about their craft and in turn become mentors themselves.

Keeping with the theme, how to find a mentor in business, I think it is important to define your personal goals. We all face the nay sayers and spirit squashers; too often we give these people a lot of power over our ability to succeed. I’ll never understand how someone can take advice from someone who isn’t making the money they want or isn’t in the field they want to be a part of. For example, if you want to make a six figure income online, you MUST find a six figure mentor, that is to say someone who makes six figures online!

A six figure mentor at least has the ability to teach you how to literally make 6 figures online and teach you what it takes mentally to traverse the mine field of adversity you will face. I guess studying how to find a mentor in business is just step one. That step being how you define what you want from your online business and then finding a mentor. Let’s understand something about mentors too, they are not, by design, someone who is at your beckon call. They are part of your journey, but you are in charge. Think of your mentor as railway tracks and you are the train. The train travels miles and miles without ever questioning the tracks below its wheels, until forks appear and choosing which line of track to run on for the next long run appear. Your mentor has laid the track for your train to run on, they have seen the pitfalls and created diversions or has seen more than one way to arrive at the same destination and provides multiple options. Our job is to run the track as long as we can until we find ourselves in the train yards of options and receive guidance on how to proceed.

In summary, how to find a mentor in business is really very simple. determine where you want to go, how much you are expecting to earn (clear goals) and match your mentor to your current goals. Your mentor SHOULD change as your destinations change. Start with a mentor to get you your first $100 and then $1000 and once you are ready for a 6 figure income, go find a six figure mentor!

To Your Unlimited Success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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