Developing Auto Response Plus Important Tips

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Get a service taking care of your email campaign so you too can blog pool side in Vegas (see photo)! Your online business should have some service in place dealing with auto response plus this protects you from becoming a spammer.

I think it is safe to say that the #1 one reason everyone building a business online should have (really it’s a must but no one wants to be told that) an autoresonder is simply this…..building your list. You can’t go wrong with auto response plus, outside of your domain name it is the lowest investment of tool you will make; but so important. Owning your list is powerful stuff in the long term future of your online business. All too often we find people focused on the sale and corralling all the people kicking the tires (opt ins) to “convince” them to DO IT! Better spent time would be more advertising and finding more tire kickers to join your list for future reference. Along the way those that like what they see will take on what you are offering.

There are other important reasons to start using a service for auto response plus I’ll let you know what I use and why. Second good reason is you are protecting yourself from being a spammer. By using an autoresponder people have to opt in to your offer, thus joining your list and inviting you into their inbox! They of course can opt out at any time using the link provided at the bottom of your emails. This leads to a concept of list finesse, not today’s topic, but suffice to say don’t blast your list with offer after offer trying to sell them. That will elicit an opt out. Last reason for today is you need to have a mechanism to advertise new menu items (tools) or remind your list about your current offerings. This of course is a delicate process of added value content with a sprinkling of “buy my stuff” to keep their interest.

The take away folks is simple, running online business without some system of auto response plus developing the skill of list finesse is an option, but not highly recommended. I have used the Get Response product for a long while and find it one of the best. There are plenty out there and all have Pros and Cons. Get Response is my choice and here is why:

  • Their service provides easy-to-understand reports with graphs and pie charts that can help you optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll be able to create, send and track your email marketing pieces quickly and effectively with Get Response’s email marketing service.
  • Overall easy-to-use interface, that even those with no experience can work they way through the process
  • Great customer service and support for questions about set up.
  • Lots of useful options for advanced users and easy to learn for newbies.

Follow this link for more information about Get Response

To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

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