Better To Earn, While You Learn New Skills

Don’t you always find it more efficient to earn while you learn? I know I do. Easily one of the most over looked aspects of being an Entrepreneur, especially an online business owner. There are so many different ways to make money and so many people out there vying for your attention. First and foremost when choosing a method to learn while you earn, be sure the person or system you are following is one that is backed by someone or a group that actually have a proven skill set and success in the arena you are looking to excel at. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that had low level skills, but lots of flashy advertising would you? Didn’t think so.

Your ability to earn while you learn will also be dependent on your willingness to accept your flaws and lack of skills. The “I know that” attitude will not serve you well, in fact, I can almost guarantee your failure if you approach learning that way. To earn while learning new skills requires a humble approach to information being delivered to you. A patience and drive to apply knowledge as you receive it not a “wait until I got it all figured out” approach.

Lastly be sure to like, no wait, love the journey and choose a system that fits your style to maximize the earn while you learn potential. I have see a lot of different stuff out there on the Internet and WOW some of it is really terrible. Money grabs without substance. The system needs to have more than just “go do this” command centers if you really want to earn while learning new skills. I suggest a more blended approach that incorporates not only the actions required but the theory behind (or the why) the actions required. This gives meaning and purpose to your learning. Also an immediate call to action after a lesson is critical.
Skills (new or old) + action = success.

One the most comprehensive systems that I have found to compliment the Earn While You Learn philosophy has been one that has extensive training. Sometimes extensive training can overwhelm newbies to the Internet Marketing World, but very detailed training is good. There should be step by step videos coupled with detailed written word with call to action to help you earn while learning new skills. The Lessons should be laid out clearly and with a strong members base the system will be a home run.

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