Pizza Money vs. Residual Money

Pizza money vs. Residual Income. Now what the heck am I talking about! In the video below (a recorded version of The Online Success Show) I was giving some insider info on the Academy when I mentioned the phrase Pizza money and Residual money! It made me laugh but then I thought, that’s actually brilliant!
The fact is the Academy of Online Success will change the Internet. Sounds bold, but it people look at it from the right perspective they will have the chance to change the shape of their financial future.

Think about this…most of us would LOVE to make $500 -$1000 extra a month above our current income. Why? Because it would make disposable income a reality! Now, what most people do is go get a part time job, let’s say delivering pizza, which will provide that income and at about 15 hours a week. BUT, when you don’t work you don’t get paid. Although it is instant cash it is limited.

The Academy of Online Success offers a residual income potential. It is important to understand that the concept of instant cash is usually not available with most long term success plans. But if you worked the same 15 hours a week at your online income and did without the pay for a few months your $500 – $1000 will come and then continue to come whether you work or not.

Here is the kicker! With the Academy of Online Success you get the best of ALL Worlds! 100% Commissions on both your referrals and the ‘Team Leverage’ referrals puts you in the money much quicker and continues to build stronger more resilient residual income.


To Your Unlimited Success,

Jamie Cinq-Mars

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