#1 Mistake People New To Online Marketing Make

FOMIt’s high time someone reveals the number one mistake people new to online marketing make when first starting to try to make money online…..and sadly some experienced online folks still make.

Let’s start with an important concept you must understand with regards to making money online…making money online is a skill. No different than carpentry, swimming or playing an instrument and  like any skill – IT CAN BE LEARNED. Phew, glad that’s covered. I hope you understood and have accepted the reality of making money online. Time for the good stuff….PRODUCTS!

Mistakes made most often by people new to online marketing is after they first discover a product online or find a business opportunity.  They think (or have been led to believe) they can make money ‘simply’ by telling family and friends what they have discovered. Crazy right?!?

Here is what actually happens…usually – 99.5% will very quickly discover that it is not quite that easy


Frankly put…most people have not developed the skills of HOW to ACTUALLY promote a product. They lack the selling skill, call to action writing skill and usually missing overall marketing skill. That brings me to the point of today’s blog…

I need you to FORGET entirely about what product(s) or business opportunity you want to sell. Think like you have nothing to sell and no opportunity to share….at least for the next few minutes while I explain what I am referring to and then tap into a little secret all successful marketers keep to themselves.

QUESTION: Do you know how MOST successful online marketers earn REGULAR money online?

ANSWER: By selling direct to their own list.

Read that again! Think about it…ANSWER: By selling direct to their own list. Sales are made from people ALREADY on their list, not from people landing on a sales page and buying. What is this “list” I speak of and how did online marketers get their own list? Marketers with their own list have worked hard capturing visitors’ details when we (the traffic) visit the website they direct us to.

The Money Is In The List

money list

All professional online marketers invest large portions of their time and energy building their lists everyday – then EACH TIME they have a product…a simple email to a list via broadcast messages; poof….sales. This works because the time spent developing and building relationships with their list equates to multiple sales multiple times. Building a list and cultivating relationships has proved time and time again to be much easier and effective than attempting the ‘cold’ sell to someone who is a first-time visitor to your site. sales. Literally — EVERY time.

The money really is in the list.

Newcomers to the online income industry make the same mistake; I see it all the time. They are usually led to believe that by having a product to sell online (maybe the best product in the niche) will result in sales.

That probably was true 6, 7, 8 years ago – but not in the current make up of Internet Marketing and Social Media.

Most of the people attempting to make their mark online get hyped when they have a cutting edge, latest/greatest product or ground floor, make money now business opportunity that will make them millions. TIME OUT…….I do NOT have any intention of crushing the passion or excitement you might have (passion is crucial to a positive mindset)…I will, however, inform you, just having a product or opportunity – is NOT enough. Newcomers can be seen everywhere on the Internet all believing ‘all they need is a product online’. This can really frustrate me — because when no sales happen (the case 98% of the time) — that initial and critically important fire in their belly slowly wanes away every passing day having zero dollars made. Then during the coming weeks; they say goodbye to the fire and welcome through the door, resentment. Their last view and usual soapbox claim goes a little like this ‘…making money on the Internet is a scam; you just can’t make any money…!’

Well…the truth is making money online is not a scam. Anyone can make awesome money online, yes I said, “Anyone!”. In fact I have personally made an excellent full time living online for years.

What then is the catch? I’ll explain it straight up for you.

Bottom line is this; marketers that are consistently successful online do work slightly smarter. Not really harder – but definitely smarter. Which means simply……they build their lists.

I can fully appreciate you may not have truly understood this to this point. I realize you are excited to make money online quickly. But, a slight change in your mindset to concentrate (at the moment) on simply building a list – will change things in a big way and increase the gap between you and the majority of online marketers who just don’t generate income online.

I have always enjoyed this saying, ‘my business is a journey – NOT a race’. Look, you found yourself here, you read this blog to this point……I suggest you at least consider just taking a few more weeks beginning (or continuing) to build your list rather than attempting to ‘sell’ or prospect online for whatever business you are work with currently.

Key Takeaway: Understanding the mistakes newcomers make can tighten up the learning curve and get you on the path to success. Click HERE To Tweet!

In summary – there are three elements most important to the success of your business and they are:

1. Building Your List

2. Building Your List


3. Building Your List

Next question asked, Why Build A List Right?

I’ll explain it like this…

People striving to make money online make the huge mistake of believing just having a website means they are open for business.


First thing to understand is a HUGE difference exists between a website and owning/being open for business. Naturally, to be in business online you WILL require a website. However, it’s important to note there are MILLIONS of websites making NO money at all. Proving that simply having a website with your mug on it is NOT having a business. This also applies the same way for products or a ‘ground floor’, ‘latest and greatest business opportunity’. Soooooooooo many people live in the fantasy World that if they have the BEST product or a no brainer opportunity – they have and are open for business. I repeat….very, very incorrect.

Owning the right as a distributor to sell an amazing product does NOT qualify as a business. Hundreds of thousands of duplicated company websites exist, some even DO have amazing products yet make no money for the promoter.

Quandary right; if having your own website is NOT a business and promoting an amazing product is NOT a business or joining the latest business opportunity is NOT a business….what is? What IS the elusive answer to a successful online web based business?

CUSTOMERS…..the answer was pretty simple, right!

Put in other words…


You must develop a customer base of people who over time Know, Like and Trust you

WHERE and HOW do you start?

Don’t worry – I can help. I address this in future posts, videos and articles in the weeks ahead.

Because you understand the number one mistake to avoid – you can avoid the pit falls. I can show you HOW you will ACTUALLY make money online. I will be providing you a lock step plan with cookie cutter precision of how you can make money on the internet – in future posts.

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